Terms of use of Alfa-Pharm Application


AlfaPharm application bonus system

Thank you for using the Alfa Pharm application (hereafter also the Application). After downloading and registering in the application, you will immediately receive 300 points and your unique invitation code (hereinafter "Referral"), which you can use to invite your friend or acquaintance, for which you will receive 200 points, and the invited person will receive 300 registering points:

1 Accumulated point is equivalent to 1 AMD (You can find alpha card details here)

The application is available at: "Alfa-Pharm" CJSC, Yerevan, Shirak 1/68, is a gratuitous service. The use of the application must comply with the terms of use of the Application ("Terms").


Information Access and Usage:

You can use the application in your mobile phone (hereafter  "Device”) to use, view, search for the services of the pharmacy chain of Alfa-Pharm CJSC, as well as when processing online orders.

 Alfa-Pharm CJSC is not responsible for any information about the pharmacy chain of Alfa-Pharm CJSC, which is available through another application.



The structure and information of the application may need to be updated, for example, bug fixes, extensions, plug-ins or new versions (collectively, "Updates”). Such updates may be required so that you can use application. By accepting these terms and conditions and using the app, you agree to the automatic updates listed above.


Purchases and payments: Purchase of medicines (medicines, medical supplies and non-food items, baby food)

As soon as you purchase a product through an application, you sign a separate transaction for these conditions (if applicable) with the seller, which is Alfa-Pharm CJSC.

A separate purchase transaction is in addition to these conditions.

The purchase of goods is considered completed at the moment when you receive a message confirming the purchase of the product, and this transaction will take effect immediately after the completion of the purchase.



When you place a pre-order for a product, the purchase transaction for this product will be signed only when you receive a message on the confirmation of the order from the company.

Payment Methods:

You can choose one of the payment methods when purchasing goods through the application:

▪ Cash at the time of delivery,

▪ Through a bank terminal at the time of delivery,

▪ Online, using the app.

When paying by credit card, you must comply with a third party contract or other legal agreement that governs the use of the payment method.

You are solely responsible for all payments made by you in the Application.



The price and availability of the product described in the Application can be changed at any time before purchase.

For technical reasons, there may be the slightest discrepancy in connection with the photo and prices for goods

In case of a price difference and / or inconsistency, you can call +374 60 700 500. 1, or report the problem in writing to the official email address of Alfa-Pharm


All sales are final.

All sales are final and refund, exchange and post-payment are not made, except for cases of inaccurate information about products caused by errors due to technical problems at the time of purchase, as well as within the terms established by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and the return of goods.

If a replacement, refund or postpay is intended for the transaction, then it can be canceled.


Rights and obligations

The user of the application has the right to:

▪ Use the app for free,

▪ View, find information in the application,

▪ Using the application to buy goods of Alfa-Pharm CJSC, which are listed in the application,

▪ Cancel a purchase order before receiving a confirmation message,

▪ Receive accurate information about the pharmacy chain of CJSC Alfa-Pharm,

▪ Receive information about the accumulative card, if avaliable,

▪ In case of availability, use the data of the accumulative card to accumulate bonus points in the pharmacy chain of Alfa-Pharm CJSC

▪ If available, use the bonuses available on the accumulative card when making purchases in the pharmacy chain of Alfa-Pharm.


The user of the application must:

Provide accurate information when registering with the Application and when ordering a product,

Cancel purchase orders before receiving a confirmation message.

Alfa-Pharm CJSC has the right to:

Collect information about users (first name, last name, email address, shipping address),

Provide the collected information to the relevant departments of  Alfa-Pharm CJSC for the delivery of goods.

Alfa-Pharm CJSC is obliged to:

Enter accurate information into the application,

Deliver qualitative products,

In the case of availiability of accumulative card and at the request of the application user, accumulate bonus points into the card,

Accept cancellation of an order if it was completed before the start of the delivery process,

Do not provide information about users to third parties.


Conditions for receiving and delivery of the order

▪ Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Yerevan,

▪ Orders are accepted and delivered on all days of the week - 24 hours a day,

▪ The minimum order price should be 2 000 AMD,

▪ Delivery cost per order up to 10,000 AMD is 500 AMD,

▪ Orders over 10,000 AMD are delivered free of charge,

▪ Our pharmacist-operators are available 24 hours a day at 060 700 500. 1,

▪ After receiving the order, our pharmacist-operator will contact you to clarify the details of your order.


Terms of payment:

Payment can be made:

▪ Cash at the time of delivery,

▪ Through a bank terminal at the time of delivery,

▪ Online, using the app.


Terms of return:

Delivery of the order and its payment can be waived only in the following cases:

▪ The delivered product is different from the product ordered.

▪ Product packaging is damaged,

▪ Storage conditions of the goods were violated during transportation,

▪ Product is returnable only at the time of delivery.


Changes to the above conditions

In the event of changes to these terms and conditions, you will receive a notice, and the new terms will take effect from the moment of notification. The new terms will apply to your use of all information and all subsequent purchases.

If you do not agree with such changes, you will be given the opportunity to stop using the application.